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A variety of earthenware molds designed specifically to slump glass to form bowls, plates, trays and more.
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GM01 Sm Square Slump GM02 Lg Square Slump GM04 Round Slump
GM01 Sm Square Slump
Our Price: $18.00
GM02 Lg Square Slump
Our Price: $32.00
GM04 Round Slump
Our Price: $32.00
GM01 Sm Square Slump 4.5" GMO2 Lg Square Slump 7" GM04 Round Slump 7.5" dia
GM05 Rectangle Slump GM06 Square Slump GM07 Incense Slump
GM05 Rectangle Slump
Our Price: $49.00
GM06 Square Slump
Our Price: $43.00
GM07 Incense Slump
Our Price: $32.00
GM05 Rectangle Slump 10.5" x 5.5" GM06 Square Slump 8" GM07 Incense Slump 11.5"L
GM08 Square Slump GM107 Spiral Apetizer GM108 Dip Slump
GM08 Square Slump
Our Price: $54.00
GM107 Spiral Apetizer
Our Price: $58.00
GM108 Dip Slump
Our Price: $21.00
GM08 Square Slump 10" x 10" GM107 Spiral Apetizer 12.5" x 10" GM108 Dip Slump 5" dia
GM111 Folded Square Slump GM115 Sm Spiral Tray GM116 Spiral Buffet
GM111 Folded Square Slump
Our Price: $32.00
GM115 Sm Spiral Tray
Our Price: $32.00
GM116 Spiral Buffet
Our Price: $22.00
GM111 Folded Square Slump 8" x 8" GM115 Sm Spiral Tray 10.25" x 6.5" GM116 Spiral Buffet 6" x 6"
GM124 Bon Apetite Slump GM127 Modern Spoon Rest GM13 Mini S Curve
GM124 Bon Apetite Slump
Our Price: $53.00
GM127 Modern Spoon Rest
Our Price: $42.00
GM13 Mini S Curve
Our Price: $22.00
GM124 Bon Apetite Slump 7" x 13" GM127 Modern Spoon Rest 10" L x 5.57" W GM13 Mini S Curve 5"W x 3.5 L
GM132 XL Sushi GM133 Small Rectangle Sushi GM134 Large Round Slump with Flat Bottom
GM132 XL Sushi
Our Price: $85.00
GM132 XL Sushi 13.5" x 13.5" GM133 Small Rectangle Sushi 6" x 4" x 1" GM134 Large Round Slump with Flat Bottom 13"dia x 3.5"
GM139 B Three Large Petal Attachments for the GM187 GM142 2 Quad Swoop Slump GM144 Flutey
GM142 2 Quad Swoop Slump
Our Price: $53.00
GM144 Flutey
Our Price: $53.00
GM139 B Three Large Petal Attachments for the GM187 GM142 2 Quad Swoop Slump 9" x 9" x 2" GM144 Flutey 10" W x 11" L
GM156 Murrini GM165 Tri-Dip Appetizer GM167 Snowman Tray
GM156 Murrini
Our Price: $29.00
GM165 Tri-Dip Appetizer
Our Price: $107.00
GM167 Snowman Tray
Our Price: $53.00
GM156 Murrini Mold 7" l x 4.5" w. GM165 Tri-Dip Appetizer 19" l. x 9" w. x 2.5" t. GM167 Snowman Tray 7.5" x 13.5" x 1.5"
GM168 Harvest Tray GM169 Round Harvest Platter GM170 Dragonfly Bottle Slump
GM168 Harvest Tray
Our Price: $53.00
GM168 Harvest Tray 7.5" x 13.5" x 1.5" GM169 Round Harvest Platter 13"dia GM170 Dragonfly Bottle Slump 12.5" x 5.5" l.
GM171 Three King ÒOne and Done" Tray GM172 Pansy "One and Done" Platter GM173 Large Traingle Mold
GM173 Large Traingle Mold
Our Price: $24.00
GM171 Three King "One and Done" Tray  7.25" x 13.25" GM172 Pansy "One and Done" Platter 13" dia GM173 Large Triangle Mold 10" x 10" x 9" and  0.5" deep

The brand of one Nitrate Spray "Hi Temp Slide" will not work on Creative Paradise, Inc. Molds.