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With this innovative series of molds, the right firing schedules, and fusible/compatible glass, it is possible to drop a blank of glass through the given Plate Ring mold onto another piece of glass that is draping on a Foot Drape to create a truly elegant and unique vessel.

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GM104 Lg. Square Foot Drape GM106 Sm Square Foot Drape GM109 Med. Bend it
GM109 Med. Bend it
Our Price: $49.00
GM104 Lg. Square Foot Drape 6.5" L x 3.5"T GM106 Sm Square Foot Drape 6.5" x 3.5"T GM109 Med. Bend it 8.5"L x 4.5"T x 5"W
GM112 Drop Ring GM113 Texture Coaster Drape GM12 Mini Round Drop
GM112 Drop Ring
Our Price: $35.00
GM12 Mini Round Drop
Our Price: $18.00
GM112 Drop Ring 8" x 10" GM113 Texture Coaster Drape 6" x 12.5" GM12 Mini Round Drop 4.5" dia
GM130 Medium Ripple Drape GM14 Square Drop Ring GM148 Butter Dish Drape
GM130 Medium Ripple Drape
Our Price: $53.00
GM14 Square Drop Ring
Our Price: $19.00
GM148 Butter Dish Drape
Our Price: $24.00
GM130 Medium Ripple Drape 10" x 13" GM14 Square Drop Ring 6" x 6" GM148 Butter Dish Drape 6"T x 3"W
GM149 Round Drape GM15 Square Drop Ring GM16 Square Drop Ring
GM149 Round Drape
Our Price: $27.00
GM15 Square Drop Ring
Our Price: $26.00
GM16 Square Drop Ring
Our Price: $32.00
GM149 Round Drape 2.75" x 4.25" dia GM15 Square Drop Ring 8" x 8" GM16 Square Drop Ring 10" x 10"
GM198 Small Drop Tile GM199 Large Drop Tile GM30 Sm. Cyl Drape
GM198 Small Drop Tile
Our Price: $19.00
GM199 Large Drop Tile
Our Price: $19.00
GM30 Sm. Cyl Drape
Our Price: $40.00
GM198 Small Drop Tile. Mold Size: 6" x 6" with 2.5" dia. hole. GM199 Large Drop Tile. Mold Size: 8" x 8" with 4" dia. hole. GM30 Sm. Cyl Drape 9'L, 3" T
GM31 Lg Hex Drape GM32 Sm. Hex Drape GM59 Leaf Drape
GM31 Lg Hex Drape
Our Price: $54.00
GM32 Sm. Hex Drape
Our Price: $40.00
GM59 Leaf Drape
Our Price: $49.00
GM31 Lg Hex Drape 9"L x 3"W GM32 Sm. Hex Drape 9"L x 4"W GM59 Leaf Drape 9" X 9" X 3"
GM62 Round Drop GM63 Round Drop GM76 Lamp Drape
GM62 Round Drop
Our Price: $17.00
GM63 Round Drop
Our Price: $21.00
GM76 Lamp Drape
Our Price: $64.00
GM62 Round Drop 6"dia GM63 Round Drop 8" dia GM76 Lamp Drape 10.5" dia
GM87 Plate Ring GM89 Med. Plate Ring GM90 Foot Drape for GM87
GM87 Plate Ring
Our Price: $32.00
GM89 Med. Plate Ring
Our Price: $24.00
GM90 Foot Drape for GM87
Our Price: $53.00
GM87 Plate Ring 10.25" dia GM89 Med. Plate Ring 9" dia GM90 Foot Drape for GM87 10.5"dia
GM91 8" Foot Drape for GM89 GM94 6" Plate Ring GM95 6" Foot Drape
GM94 6" Plate Ring
Our Price: $18.00
GM95 6" Foot Drape
Our Price: $45.00
GM91 8" Foot Drape for GM89 8"dia GM94 6" Plate Ring 6" dia GM95 6" Foot Drape 6"dia

The brand of one Nitrate Spray "Hi Temp Slide" will not work on Creative Paradise, Inc. Molds.