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Helpful tutorials in video format. These can also be found on our YouTube channel here.

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A lily flower made from fused glass. The petals are striped red, white, and orange, and the center has several coiled springs of copper wire topped with small bits of yellow glass to mimic stamens. The flower is placed on a copper tube stem. A fused glass bowl divided into three unequal color sections. The bottom is a pale blue, the top left is green, and the top right is yellow. The black base glass shows through around and between each piece, with black stripes joining the yellow and blue. A top-down view of a dragonfly made from fused glass on a white background. The base glass is teal, and the wings have been enhanced with iridescent glass that reflects light in different shades of blue-green.
A large, fused glass dragonfly on a white background. Its body is opaque green and blue, and its wings are transparent light blue with small pieces of clear iridescent glass throughout them. LF182 XL Dragonfly Video Tutorial is written below it in script. Three fused glass pendants hang from black cords. Each pendant has an outer ring with a smaller shape inside it. The top left are squares, top right circles, and the bottom teardrops. They are white with black lines sectioning off bright colored accents. White and blue glass lilies in a blue vase. The lilies are realistic and include thin green stamens. The vase is on a brown table in front of a reddish wall, and the entire picture is surrounded by a black border.
An artistic sculpture made of burgundy glass. The top is a square with several holes in the middle, and the base is formed from curving strings of glass that dripped through these holes as the glass heated. Light shines through onto the white table below. A pair of hands in white gloves spraying a ceramic mold of a lily pad with compressed air. They are in front of a white background, and there is a black border around the image. A rectangle of glass shaped into an S-curve standing on its side. The glass shows a design of two white sailboats on bright blue waves. There is a tan island with a white lighthouse to the right, and the sky is a sunset gradient from orange to blue.
A delicate fused glass snowflake. The center of the snowflake begins blue and slowly fades outwards into white at the tip of each of the six arms. Two fused glass star ornaments hang in front of a dark grey background. The right has five points and the left eight. Both are black glass with squares of iridescent glass throughout reflecting cool toned colors. The right has joy written in the center. Two square coasters made from teal fused glass. They each have a circle embossed into their centers. The area around the circle has been lightly textured. The left coaster has a layer of iridescent glass on top.
Two rectangular fused glass dishes. The top is made from stripes of pink, white, and blue speckled glass with thin stripes of pale purple between them. The longer and thinner bottom dish has blue and white glass with a black swirl spaced with thin blue.
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