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Drape and Slump molds designed to shape elegant fused glass flowers.
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Flowers and Fountain DVD Fused Glass Flowers Book GM139 XL Cone
Flowers and Fountain DVD
Our Price: $49.00 . Cannot be used with coupon or discount code.
Fused Glass Flowers Book
Our Price: $16.95
GM139 XL Cone
Our Price: $43.00
Flowers and Fountain Webinar:

In this 2 hour video, Stephanie O’Toole takes viewers through every process required to make fused glass water fountains and a stemmed flower arrangement. She covers frit casting, designing large water bowls, how to drill holes in glass and how to make glass with holes fused in place, how to stem fused glass flowers on copper tubes, how to pot melt glass into detailed molds, how to create dynamic effects with iridized glass and much more! Questions from people who viewed the original webinar are also covered. Written tutorials of the projects will also be included with the purchase.
Fused Glass Flowers - with Revisions and Additions

In this beautiful 40 page book (twelve color, 28 black and white) you will find the original 19 flower patterns found in the original Fused Glass Flowers book printed in 2009. You will also find 9 additional patterns and intriguing NEW molds and techniques including a innovative new “Frit Slurry” process created at Creative Paradise, Inc. that allows the fuser to create fascinating flowers that mimic blown glass flowers. Several new techniques are also given to place flowers on “stems” as well as how to enhance glass flowers and glass flower arrangements with frit cast pieces.

GM139 XL Cone 11" dia x 4"T
GM140 Fan Flower Mold GM47 Flower Slump GM49 Sm Cone Former
GM140 Fan Flower Mold
Our Price: $38.00
GM47 Flower Slump
Our Price: $43.00
GM49 Sm Cone Former
Our Price: $18.00
GM140 Fan Flower Mold 6.5" x 2.5" GM47 Flower Slump 7.5" dia x 3.5"t GM49 Sm Cone Former 3.5" dia x 3.5"T
GM50 Lg Cone Former GM51 Slump w/ Hump GM52 Sm Hump w/Drop
GM50 Lg Cone Former
Our Price: $22.00
GM51 Slump w/ Hump
Our Price: $22.00
GM52 Sm Hump w/Drop
Our Price: $18.00
GM50 Lg Cone Former 7.5" dia 3.5" T GM51 Slump w/ Hump 6.5"dia 2"T GM52 Sm Hump w/Drop 3.25"
GM53 Lg Hump w/ Drop GM57 Med. Cone Former GM58 Iris Bottom
GM53 Lg Hump w/ Drop
Our Price: $27.00
GM57 Med. Cone Former
Our Price: $27.00
GM58 Iris Bottom
Our Price: $27.00
GM53 Lg Hump w/ Slump 6"dia x 2" T GM57 Med. Cone Former 6" dia x 3"T GM58 Iris Bottom 6"dia
GM60 Sm Slump w/Hump GM61 Sm Drape w/Slump LF158 Two Small Zinnias
GM60 Sm Slump w/Hump
Our Price: $18.00
GM61 Sm Drape w/Slump
Our Price: $18.00
LF158 Two Small Zinnias
Our Price: $35.00
GM60 Sm Slump w/Hump 4"dia GM61 Sm Drape w/Slump 4"dia LF158 Two Small Zinnias. Mold: 5" x 9.25". Casting: 3.25" x 3.5". Fill Weights: 85grams and 100grams.


The brand of one Nitrate Spray "Hi Temp Slide" will not work on Creative Paradise, Inc. Molds.