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of suggested fill weights for our frit casting molds. All can be fired to a full fuse.
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LF01 Sun LF03 Flip Flop LF04 Fish
LF01 Sun
Our Price: $24.00
LF03 Flip Flop
Our Price: $24.00
LF04 Fish
Our Price: $24.00
LF01 Sun 3.75" dia $24 LF03 Flip Flop 5"l $24 LF04 Fish 4.25"l $24
LF05 Frosty Fritter LF06 Star of David LF102 Leaf Frit Cast
LF05 Frosty Fritter
Our Price: $24.00
LF06 Star of David
Our Price: $24.00
LF102 Leaf Frit Cast
Our Price: $25.00
LF05 Frosty Fritter 4.25"l $24 LF06 Star of David 3.75"dia $24 LF102 Leaf Frit Cast Mold: 10" x 3" Casting 5",6" $25
LF103 Daisy Frit Cast LF104 Large Sunflower Frit Cast LF107 Butterfly
LF103 Daisy Frit Cast
Our Price: $35.00
LF107 Butterfly
Our Price: $27.00
LF103 Daisy Frit Cast Mold: 8" dia Casting: 7" $35 LF104 Large Sunflower Frit Cast Casting: Mold: 11.5" w x 12" t $45 LF107 Butterfly 6"w x 5" t $27
LF109 Large Daisy LF11 Magnolia Fritter LF110 Poppy
LF109 Large Daisy
Our Price: $45.00
LF11 Magnolia Fritter
Our Price: $24.00
LF110 Poppy
Our Price: $35.00
LF109 Large Daisy 11.5" x 12.5" $45 LF11 Magnolia Fritter 3" $24 LF110 Poppy 7" x 7.5" $35
LF111 Dragonfly LF112 Switch Plate LF113 Lg Poppy
LF111 Dragonfly
Our Price: $29.00
LF112 Switch Plate
Our Price: $29.00
LF113 Lg Poppy
Our Price: $45.00
LF111 Dragonfly 7"L x 5"T $29 LF112 Switch Plate 5.5"L x 4"W $29 LF113 Lg Poppy 11"dia $45
LF114 Small Butterfly's LF115 Small Dragonfly's LF116 Grape Leaves
LF114 Small Butterfly's
Our Price: $24.00
LF115 Small Dragonfly's
Our Price: $24.00
LF116 Grape Leaves
Our Price: $27.00
LF114 Small Butterfly's 4" x 5" $24 LF115 Small Dragonfly's 7"W x 5"L $24

Frit Dimensions: Approx: Lg 4" wide, 3” tall , Sm 2.5” wide, 2” long.
LF116 Grape Leaves 4"L & 3.25"L $27
LF117 Grape and Vine Leaves LF118 Butter Dish Base LF119 Lg Rectangle Switch Plate
LF118 Butter Dish Base
Our Price: $35.00
LF117 Grape and Vine Leaves 7.5" x 5"L $27 LF118 Butter Dish Base 7" T x 4.5"W $35 LF119 Lg Rectangle Switch Plate 5.5"L x 4"W $29
LF12 Humming Bird Fritter LF120 Poinsettia LF121 Lilly Pad Frit
LF12 Humming Bird Fritter
Our Price: $24.00
LF120 Poinsettia
Our Price: $35.00
LF121 Lilly Pad Frit
Our Price: $40.00
LF12 Hummingbird Fritter 3.5" $24 Click here for our tutorial
on the LF120 Poinsettia
LF121 Lilly Pad Frit 9"dia $40
LF122 Lotus Frit LF123 Lg Ponsettia LF13 Frog Fritter
LF122 Lotus Frit
Our Price: $35.00
LF123 Lg Ponsettia
Our Price: $45.00
LF13 Frog Fritter
Our Price: $24.00
LF122 Lotus Frit 8.5" dia $35 LF123 Lg Ponsettia 12" dia $45 LF13 Hummingbird Fritter 3.5" $24
LF14 Cross Fritter LF140 Fossil Mold LF142 Pansy Mold
LF14 Cross Fritter
Our Price: $24.00
LF140 Fossil Mold
Our Price: $24.00
LF142 Pansy Mold
Our Price: $35.00
LF14 Cross Fritter 4.5"l $24 LF140 Fossil Mold 9.25 x 7 x 1.5 $24 LF142 Frit Cast Pansy Mold: 8" x 1.5" Casting: 7.25" dia. $35

The brand of one Nitrate Spray "Hi Temp Slide" will not work on Creative Paradise, Inc. Molds.