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Tutorials in PDF format for specific projects using our molds. Each tutorial's description lists the molds involved.

**Please Note: Some of our older tutorials list an older temperature for annealing COE96 Glass. The correct temperature should be 950°F. Additionally, some of these tutorials contain links that no longer work due to some restructuring within our website. We're working on fixing them as time permits! If you have a question, please reach out!**

For malfunctioning links referring to our recommendations on getting to know your kiln before firing, please click here.

For malfunctioning links referring to preparing your mold with ZYP, please click here.

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Iridescent Easel Tutorial Fused Glass Iris Tutorial Painterly Tornado Bowl Tutorial Pastel Poinsettia Tree Tutorial Festive Holiday Sweaters Tutorial
Jewel Toned Snowflake Recipe Card Tutorial Gradient Crystal Snowflake Recipe Card Tutorial Striped Snowman Ornament Recipe Card Tutorial Appetizer and Dip Tray Tutorial Grape Vine Plate Tutorial
Icicle Cardinals Recipe Card Tutorial Luminescent Crystal Tear Recipe Card Tutorial Rainbow Crystal Ornament Recipe Card Tutorial A glass rectangle bent into a semicircle and displayed on a purple base with a light behind it to create a lamp. The glass has a haunted house on it with a bright yellow moon and black trees. The glass is purple, but the light creates an orange gradient. A compilation of five different images showing the steps of stringing glass pendants with holes. The first shows supplies, second is the first pendant strung, third has a bead on the string, fourth wraps around another pendant, fifth caps with a bead.
Dichroic Square Pendant Tutorial Bright Coneflower Tutorial Reactive Flower Tutorial Frit Cast Zinnia Tutorial Webinar Gecko Tutorial
Weaving Glass Tutorial Water Lily Fountain Tutorial Vineyard Inspired Tray Tutorial Pizza Slice Tutorial Nesting Christmas Trees Tutorial
Textured Bottles Tutorial Texture Mold Tutorial Sun Tray Tutorial Succulent Tutorial Stemming Fused Glass Flowers
Making Stems Tutorial Stand Up Unicorn Tutorial Stand Up Creepy Crawlers Tutorial Seashore Tray Tutorial Spruzzo Tutorial
Soap Dish Tutorial Snowman Icicle Ornament Tutorial Slurry Drop Center Bowl A footed glass dish on a white background. The glass has a wavy pattern of burgundy, bright blue, and light blue that have been lightly dragged into one another to create a flame stitch pattern on the dish. Shimmering Poinsettia Tray Tutorial
Serving Spoon Tutorial Scrap Master Tutorial Reverse Weave Tutorial Rainbow Dreamcatcher Tutorial A rectangular glass tray on a transparent background. The center of the tray is opaque black and the raised border edge of the tray is alternating rectangles of textured glass with a metallic iridized coating that reflects shades of purple and green.
Poppy Sundae Dish Tutorial Footed Poinsettia Bowl Tutorial A footed glass dish. The dish itself is made from a frit cast poinsettia flower with yellow center and petals with bright red bases and light green tips. The feet of the dish are formed from dark green frit cast leaves. Pin Wheel Tutorial Patty Gray Dam Mold Tutorial
Please note: Slide’s “Hi Temp” glass separator does not work on Creative Paradise, Inc. molds.