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Truly innovative molds that make it possible for you to make free standing fused glass characters!
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GM35 Stand-Up GM39 Stand-Up GM40 Sm Stand-Up
GM35 Stand-Up
Our Price: $46.00
GM39 Stand-Up
Our Price: $46.00
GM40 Sm Stand-Up
Our Price: $19.00
GM35 Stand-Up 6" x 8" $46 GM39 Stand-Up 8" x 7" $46 GM40 Sm Stand-Up 4.5" x 3.5" $19
GM41 Lg Stand-Up Stand-Up E Book
GM41 Lg Stand-Up
Our Price: $69.00
Stand-Up E Book
Our Price: $12.95
GM41 Lg Stand-Up 12" x 8.5" $69 Second edition of our Stand-Up Book featuring many new patterns!

Once you have purchased the E Book you will see instructions on downloading.

When you print this E Book from your computer make sure to print "Actual Size".

If you have any questions please email us at creativeparadiseinc@live.com


The brand of one Nitrate Spray "Hi Temp Slide" will not work on Creative Paradise, Inc. Molds.