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Tutorial on Holey Pendants
Three heart-shaped pendants made from fused glass. Each is made from pieces of red, orange, and yellow glass with a few chunks of black. The middle pendant is larger and strung from black cord. The two on the sides are smaller and on earring hangers.


Product Code: HOLEYTUT
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Please click here for a general tutorial on our Holey molds.

Works with all Holey molds: LF57, LF58, LF59, LF60, LF61, LF62, LF63, LF64, LF65, LF66, LF67, LF68, LF69, LF70, LF71, LF72, LF73, LF74, LF75, LF76, LF77, LF78, LF81, LF82, LF83, LF84, LF85, LF86, LF91, LF101, LF105, LF106, LF108, LF128, LF129, LF130, LF132, LF133, LF134, LF187, LF196, LF219, LF232, and LF242.