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Common Mold Questions
Can I use a microwave kiln with your molds?/Can I use your molds in my kiln?
  • If your kiln ramps up at a rate faster than 400°F per hour, we do not suggest using it to fire our molds. A change in temperature faster than this can cause cracking or breaking.
  • The majority of microwave kilns fire at rates greatly exceeding this, so we recommend against firing our molds in microwave kilns.
Can you all make me a custom mold?
What do I do if my glass is stuck in the mold?
  • Don't panic! Sometimes it may not be stuck. If the glass itself isn't cracked, it may not be completely stuck.
  • You can try submerging the whole mold into cold water- this may get rid of any extra separator that may be stuck as well as loosen the glass.
  • You can also try inverting the mold onto a soft, level surface and thumping the back a few times.
What glass separators can I use?
  • We recommend using ZYP spray for the best results with our molds.
  • Other boron nitride sprays work well too.
  • The brand Slide's "Hi Temp" separator will not work with our molds.
  • If you use kiln wash, make sure it is COMPLETELY dry before putting any glass in or on the mold, otherwise the glass can stick.