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2012 Glass Catalog
Please be aware that for the best discounted prices on our molds it is best to buy through a local distributor. We offer retail prices only to the public. Click on the distributor menu option to find the nearest distributor to you.

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Drawer Pull

Contents: Hardware for 10 different knob or barss. 10 screws and 10 brass anchors

Our Price: $3.98
Stand Up Book

Patterns and instructions for standing glass figures.

Our Price: $12.95
Glass Flower Book

This glass flower book features a wide variety of patterns and instructions for fusing glass flowers.

Our Price: $14.95
GM21 Wide Night Slump

GM21 Wide Night Slump $15

Our Price: $15.00
GM22 Slim Night Light Slump

GM22 Slim Night Light Slump 415

Our Price: $15.00
GM52 Sm Hump w/Drop

GM52 Sm Hump w/Drop 3.25" $15

Our Price: $15.00
GM60 Sm Slump w/Hump

GM60 Sm Slump w/Hump 2.5" dia$15

Our Price: $15.00
GM61 Sm Drape w/Slump

GM61 Sm Drape w/Slump 4"dia $15

Our Price: $15.00

Contents: Hardware for 5 pin wheels. 5 sleeve bearings, 5 threaded aluminium spacers, 10 rubber washers, 5 flat washers, 5 flat head #8 machine screws.

Our Price: $15.00
GM62 Round Drop

GM62 Round Drop
O.D 6"dia I.D 3.75"

Our Price: $16.00
LF131 Clover

LF131 Clover 2.75" x 2.75" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF07 Jewelry Squares

LF07 Jewelry Sqaures 1" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF08 Jewelry Discs

LF08 Jewelry Discs 1" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF09 Jewelry Heart and Stars

LF09 Jewelry Hearts and Stars $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF10 Barette

LF10 Barrette 3.25" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF17 Jewelry Butterflies

LF17 Jewelry Butterflies $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF100 Fire Fly

LF100 Fire Fly $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF105 Large Shamrock Mold

LF105 Large Shamrock Mold 2.25" dia $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF108 Small Shamrock Mold

LF108 Small Shamrock Mold 1"w x 2.5"t $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF20 Six Mini Ovals

LF20 Six Mini Ovals 3/4" x 1/2" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF22 Four Ovals

LF22 Four Ovals 1"L $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF26 2 Lg. Tears

LF26 2 Lg. Tears 1.5" L $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF27 Mini Disks (6)

LF27 Mini Disks (6) 1/2" dia $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF28 Mini Squares (6)

LF28 Mini Squares (6) 1/2" x 1/2" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF31 Rectangles (4)

LF31 Rectangles (4) 1.5"t $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF32 A-D Square

LF32 A-D Square 1" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF33 E-H Square

LF33 E-H Square 1" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF34 I-L Sqaures

LF34 I-L Sqaures 1" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF35 M-P Squares

LF35 M-P Squares 1" $17

Our Price: $17.00
LF36 Q-T Squares

LF36 Q-T Squares 1" $17

Our Price: $17.00